Family Owned, Choco Dou was founded in Dubai, UAE in 2008, with a passion to create chocolate design line with ex-ceptional taste and innovation. Dedicated employees and the finest ingredients allow Choco Dou to consistently deliver the perfect balance of flavor , texture and color .

Choco Dou is  committed to providing its customers , employees and suppliers with an atmosphere of participation that involves them in the process of continuous improvement.

Delicacy all the way

With an unmatched commitment to being "All about chocolate", Choco Dou also specializes in chocolate flavored coffees, hot chocolates, books about chocolate, and chocolate fondue sets.

Delicacies for every occasion; be it a wedding, a special family event, a birthday, a holiday celebration, a get-well soon, or a gift to a special someone.

An elegant arrangement of Choco Dou chocolates to express your love.
A fancy tray of dragées to say Congratulations.
An array of delectable sweets to celebrate.
A mouthwatering box of cookies to sprinkle some fun.